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We created Key Signatures to future proof our registered providers at the onset of COVID-19, we strive to access suitable and affordable Personal Protective Equipment.

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Our Top 5 Tips For Personal Protective Equipment

Our Top 5 Tips For Personal Protective Equipment

Here are our top five tips for a use of PPE.

Tip 1

Make sure the personal protective equipment (PPE) that your organisation buys is of high quality. That’s your number one thing, otherwise, you’re going to regret it and it’s not going to serve the purpose you need it to do and keep your organisation safe. 

Tip 2

Make sure that you have enough PPE, in case there is an outbreak or some other reason why you need to bring out your PPE storage. You need to have enough to deal with these situations. 

Tip 3 

Make sure that the PPE that you’re using is fit for the purpose, that your staff or your workforce is using. So make sure you’re using the right PPE for the job at hand.

Tip 4

It’s about training. So whilst we may train staff and it is absolutely critical that we do train staff in how to use PPE, make sure it’s an ongoing process. So it might be something you do on a yearly basis, or you might do it when you find that through your quality systems that something’s falling down, and you actually need to check and balance how people are using their PPE.

Tip 5

Make sure that the PPE is always disposed of appropriately.  



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