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Our Top 5 Tips For Glove Use

Our Top 5 Tips For Glove Use


Gloves are an essential component of personal protective equipment (PPE) and come in a range of different sizes, types and materials. There are many different procedural elements that need to be adhered to when using gloves, but here are our top 5 tips when using gloves.


Tip 1

Make sure that using gloves is never a replacement for traditional hand washing. This is a very important tip, very critical.

Tip 2

Make sure that you have removed any jewellery when you are applying gloves. This includes any bracelets, watches or any other things that you have on your hands. It’s also very important to ensure that you keep your nails at the right length, especially with glove use. 

Tip 3

Make sure that the gloves are the right size for you. Gloves come in a range of different sizes, usually small, medium, large, and extra-large, make sure that you test the gloves and you know your size before you do an activity.

Tip 4

Make sure you are using a glove that’s fit for the task that you’re actually doing. You may wear different types of gloves and different colours if you’re working in the kitchen, versus whether you’re working day to day, doing some sort of care and support or in some other workplace. Ensure that the gloves you are using are fit for the task. 

Tip 5

If you’re changing the task that you’re doing, it’s probably a really good indicator that you need to change your gloves. Don’t walk around and up and down corridors with the same pair of gloves on. Every time you change what you’re doing you should be changing your gloves.



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