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How To Wash Your Hands Properly

How To Wash Your Hands Properly

We are going to talk about how to wash your hands.

First, wet your hands with water.

Then apply enough soap to cover all hands surfaces, and rub your hands together palm to palm.

Place your right hand over the left hand, and the back of the hand, and with interlaced fingers, rub them together and then swap over, putting the left hand over the right hand.

Then turn your hands around and rub palm to palm with your fingers interlaced.

Place the backs of your fingers to the opposing palm, with the fingers interlocked so you are actually joining your fingers together.

Rub your thumb, place your hands around, get the front of your thumb as well as the back, then you are going to rub your fingers, your fingers backwards and forwards, for your fingernails you can use the tips of your fingers on your palm.

Rinse your hands with water, dry them thoroughly with a single-use towel, and use that towel to turn off the tap.

Your hands are now safe and clean.



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