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How To Use Hand Sanitiser Correctly

How To Use Hand Sanitiser Correctly


We’re just going to give you a couple of quick tips on the use of hand sanitiser, we are all really familiar with the hand sanitiser now. It’s in all the shops, it’s everywhere we go. There are just a couple of things to remember, one of the things is actually to be liberal in the use of it. I think sometimes we don’t put enough on it, if you are going to the supermarket and you put your hands under it, perhaps put your hand under twice. You need to put plenty of sanitiser on your hands, and you need to put it all over the surfaces, exactly the same as if you were washing your hands. 

So it’s making sure that you cover your hands liberally everywhere you go, and they need to be quite wet, and then they will dry. Be aware of where you’re actually covering your hands, make sure you do it. Don’t miss any areas, don’t rush. And one of the other things that’s really important is make sure that it’s actually got the right ingredients. It does need to have a percentage of alcohol, at least 70%. So again, use plenty of it in the supermarket, perhaps put your hand under twice to make sure that it’s really wet, cover all of your hands, make sure they’re quite damp and then let them dry. Stay safe.




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