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How To Put On (Don) & Take Off (Doff) Isolation Gowns

How To Put On (Don) & Take Off (Doff) Isolation Gowns


Putting on (Don) Isolation Gowns

The first thing Bec that you are going to put on is the gown. And often you’ll hear people say, gowns are one size fits all, the reality is we’re not all the one size. So it’s important to make sure that whichever gown you are using fits you, whether you’ve got broader shoulders, whether you’re extra tall, really important to make sure that it actually is the right size. So Bec you pop it on, put your arms in and make sure your arms go right down to the end of the sleeves. Tie it up at the top, and the middle, making sure it goes right around. Make sure it’s comfortable. And sometimes people might find it better to put the tie right around the front, Bec’s chosen to have it at the back, either or is fine. 

Removing (Doff) Isolation Gowns

Then you’re going to get your arms up and undo the back without touching, you need to be assuming that the front of the gown and the face shield is dirty, and undo the back. And then shrug it off and turn it inside out, we avoid touching the front of the gown, turning it inside out. Rolling it into one. Perfect, and fold it in on itself, and dispose of and hygiene your hands. 



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