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How To Put On (Don) & Take Off (Doff) Gloves

How To Put On (Don) & Take Off (Doff) Gloves


We’re going to talk about putting on and taking off gloves. So the first thing we do is hygiene our hands. And again, we’ve got to be liberal with it, making sure that we cover all of the surfaces of our hands before we apply them. There are all sorts of gloves for all sorts of reasons. You need to make sure that you have the right sized gloves and that they are for the right purpose that you are actually undertaking. And make sure it comes up over your wrists. 

When we are removing our gloves, you pinch the palm in the palm of your hand, and you turn the glove inside out so that it just comes away like that, scrunch it in your hand. Get your other finger in under the glove, the clean, and bring it up and over your hand, touching only the inside, and dispose of immediately. And then hygiene your hands. 



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