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How To Put On (Don) & Take Off (Doff) Face Masks

How To Put On (Don) & Take Off (Doff) Face Masks




So now we’re going to apply surgical face masks, as we’re all very familiar with, we’re seeing them everywhere we go. So Bec is going to hygiene her hands, using a hand sanitizer in this case. And applying it liberally all over her hands. So Bec is now going to put on her mask after she’s hygiened her hands, and Bec is going to make sure that the mask is not damaged, that there are no tears or slight rips in it. It this case Bec is going to place the white side to her face. And when you feel the mask, you’ll find that there is a piece of wire just in the top. You need to make sure that that is at the top of the mask. So you place the wire side to the top of your mask, to your nose, make sure it fits, pull the mask down under your chin, pop it behind your ears. And you’ll find that sometimes when you breathe, you can actually feel that there is, you can feel the mask coming in and out. 

Bec is finished, and in the process of removing her mask, she would hygiene her hands. And one of the things that we must always remember is, that we must assume that the front of the mask is dirty or contaminated. So we don’t touch the front of the mask. So hygiene her hands. Place your fingers under the loops, and take it away from your face and discard it. Hygiene your hands.

The masks can stay on for up to four hours or they’re changed if they are wet or they become damaged.


More Information from the Department of Health




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